Founder, President, Lead Coordinator, Creative Director, Researcher

Alexandra Bowman is excited about the potential of political comedy to help inform young people about current events and political issues. A fan of late-night talk shows, one day at Chipotle, she thought, "I'd like to make one of those." She then sent a lot of emails and hasn't stopped since. 

Alex serves as the Editorial Political Cartoonist for environmental news platform Our Daily Planet. She is the youngest current member of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists (her cartoonist profile can be found here). 


Alex also serves as the Satire Correspondent on Satire Can Save Us All, the satirical webseries hosted byThe Economist's legendary political cartoonist, Kevin Kallaugher. Clips from the show are posted on the Hilltop Show's YouTube channel. 


In what little free time she has, Alex is a freelance illustrator. Her work can be viewed at alexandrabowmanart.com


Head Research Writer

Hello, I’m Miles! I’m studying Government, African American Studies, Justice and Peace Studies and Journalism in the College. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas, a city with liberal undertones in a conservative state. So naturally I would want to study government and do political comedy. Dream jobs include white water rafting guide, teacher, and writer/researcher for Last Week Tonight. Celebrity crush: Brie Larson, hands down. Favorite book: tie between War and Peace and East of Eden.


I’m head research writer here at the show, trying my best to keep people informed on campus events and world events. My hobbies include white water rafting, hiking, writing creatively, fishing, hunting, and serving with youth.


Treasurer, Research Writer

Nicole Cortina hails from Brooklyn, NY which is like one of the four places she has ever been to. She’s double majoring in psychology and government and minoring in cognitive science, so she’s either way too into psychoanalyzing every situation or just wanted to become the Georgetown stereotype - government, law school, Hill internship. 


Performer, Creative Writer

John O’Connor was the fastest kid on his recreational youth soccer team. In fact, he was so fast, that he did not care about the other aspects of the sport. The other players soon surpassed him in every skillful way possible, and he instead turned to comedy. He always enjoyed making people laugh, even from that young age. He has engaged in emceeing for various events, writing satirical songs, and creating strange stories that nobody understands for his high school literary magazine. He’s kind of a mysterious person, but that’s okay—mystery is exciting!


Performer, Research Writer, Creative Writer

Cheyenne Martin is a junior in the College studying History. Music is the most important part of her life, and she wears band t-shirts practically every day to prove it. Her second love is comedy, formed by a childhood full of Monty Python and Youtube. She's always happy to recommend you a playlist or a pun.



Vice President, Head Video Editor, Performer, Creative Writer

yo whaddup im chris im 18 and i never learned how to read



Secretary, Performer, and Creative Writer

60% of the time, my jokes land every time. 



Performer, Creative Writer

Anonymously famous. Wise guy. Adjunct knucklehead. Model U.N. kid emeritus. Interests include pretending like I heard what someone had said when I don’t want to say “what” again and dogs. Will work for meal swipes.

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 3.06.44 AM.png


Performer, Creative Writer, Research Writer

Been having the full Georgetown experience since Day 1—ran into Joe Biden after getting lost on the way to the Tombs (and I'm from DC ... directionally-challenged, I know). Defender of the Oxford comma. Fan of the em dash. Roommate of John Scudero. Knows his claim to anonymous fame. Can blackmail him if necessary. And vice versa.



Performer, Creative Writer

Carlos is a freshman born and raised in Brooklyn, NYC! He was a member of his high school improv comedy troupe and enjoys making YouTube videos with his friends. He likes to edit on a definitely legal and purchased copy of Final Cut Pro X and is excited to work on the Hilltop Show team!



Performer, Creative Writer

Sophia is a freshman in the SFS from Los Angeles, California planning on majoring in International Politics. As she also loves theatre, acting, and singing in addition to politics, The Hilltop Show provides the perfect intersection of her interests. Sophia can be found watching SNL skits all the time and has loved the intersection between politics and comedy since she was in tenth grade and in love with Seth Meyers.



Performer, Research Writer, Creative Writer

Life is pain and there is no happiness and I am Nikhil 

I do this now I’m 21 and soon to be deported I wear red pants unironically and pink is the best colour.


"The Hilltop Show" is Georgetown University's student-run late-night political comedy show. We launched in Fall 2019. We aim to make campus, national, and international issues accessible to a wide audience. In line with this mission, we do semi-journalistic pieces as well as comedic sketches and interviews with political practitioners and comedians. 

We are a nonpartisan organization. We aim to call out absurdity in politics, media, current events, and popular culture wherever we see it, regardless of the political affiliations of those involved.

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