Student Activities Fee

(S1E5) 12/09/2019

The Georgetown Student Activities Fee (SAF) is $168 that each student will never see again. But did you know that money goes into reserves which rarely see the light of day? In this segment, Alexandra Bowman discusses how Georgetown handles the funds collected via the SAF and what student leaders can do to put their tuition money to good use.

Does Anyone Know What's Going On With Brexit? 


(S1E5) 12/09/2019

Students, Europeans, nor Boris Johnson himself can answer that. 

How to Have Fun in the Georgetown Sun


(S1E5) 12/09/2019

A deleted scene from "Top Gun 2: Dude Where's My Plane."

Mindhunter but With Rats


(S1E5) 12/09/2019

Netflix's new thriller: "Rathunter," set on Georgetown's campus. 

The Hilltop Show: Season One Teaser Trailer



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