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From Saxby’s to Wisey’s, Here Are Georgetown’s Top 10 Hidden-Gem Establishments

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

By Caleb Richmond

10: 90 Second Pizza

Only the most elusive of students know about this secret place that cooks its pizza in an amount of time that I refuse to divulge.

9: Saxby’s

Have you ever heard of coffee? This amazing establishment will leave you with an addiction before you can say “macchiato.”

8: The Tombs

The perfect place to pay $30 for a mediocre fettuccini Alfredo as you convince yourself that everything will become perfect once you turn 21.

7: Call Your Mother

Only the coolest of students spend their entire weekly budget on a single bagel.

6: Royal Jacket

Because the best accompaniment to a meatball sub is upperclassmen complaining about how much better it used to be.

5: Wisemiller’s

Looking for something new? This brand-new eatery serves up the hottest eats for prices that make the heartburn worth it.

4: Georgetown Cupcake

If you’re looking for the next up and coming bakery in Georgetown, look no further than this little known place that makes you think paying $15 for a cupcake is a smart financial decision.

3: Falafel Inc

I bet you haven’t heard of this neat little place on Potomac street that’s great at serving up great dishes and making people wonder how on earth a place that sells $3 sandwiches can stay in business.

2: Gong Cha

Who knew the hottest new trend would be sucking balls? Count me in!

1: The Table at Leo’s

Whether you’re chowing down on falafel or accidentally stuck with 2 slices of vegan cheese pizza again, this place can certainly be called an eating establishment.

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