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GUSA Passes Resolution To End War in Ukraine

Georgetown University Student Association

In the school year 2021-2022

A RESOLUTION to END War In Ukraine

WHEREAS, Putin is a malicious leader who believes any country lacking the name “Russia” cannot properly function (Prussia being an exception);

WHEREAS, Russia has invaded Ukraine;

WHEREAS, even [dry heaves] conservative Americans believe that the Ukraine-Russia conflict should be ended;

WHEREAS, we the students of the Georgetown University Student Association, Esq. are more capable and knowledgeable than the Biden Administration to make decisive calls about American involvement in this conflict, because we took some undergraduate courses on capitalism;

WHEREAS, the Biden Administration has been delayed in their response;

WHEREAS, it is now left up to we, the young people of a university that actually has a foreign service school (no, I’m not going to Google whether any of the others do) to end this war so that we can stop talking about it already;

THEREFORE, be it RESOLVED by the Georgetown University Student Association Senate as follows:

1. DEMANDS that Putin withdraws all forces from Ukraine;

2. DEMANDS that Putin be enrolled in the Walsh School of Foreign Service so that he may learn to play better with others;

3. RECOMMENDS that while Putin is enrolled in the Walsh School of Foreign Service he will be housed in Darnall, and maybe attend a few What’s a Hoya community service lectures for his crimes.


Written by Bayla Huff

Edited by Alexandra Bowman

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