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The Streets Flow Brown With Beer: The Hilltop Show's Top Five Favorite Georgetown Day Traditions

It’s been two long years since there was a Georgetown Day on campus, and as a result, most underclassmen and juniors don’t know what to do. Lucky for you, the Hilltop show is here to help. Here are our top five favorite traditions.

1. Challenging your professor to a drinking game: By ancient Jesuit law, any student who can drink their professor under the table automatically gets an “A” for the semester. Pro tip: never challenge a Jesuit. We’ve tried.

2. The ritual baptism of Jack the Bulldog in Guinness: If you get the chance, stop by Dahlgren chapel around noon to watch the Jesuits symbolically place Jack into a keg of fine Irish beer. It represents the end of the semester, and a new beginning for all.

3. Take part in the Potomac bridge dunk: Once per year, a crowd of students gathers in front of Healy hall, and demands one member of the administration be handed over to them. Then, they carry that person on their shoulders down to the Francis Scott Key bridge, and throw them off, leaving them to swim to shore. Legend has it that this is how John Carroll died.

4. Competing in the Rat Games: Every year, the mutated rats that live beneath Darnall sponsor a campus wide field day. Teams of students can compete in a gauntlet of sports, trivia contests, and sing-offs in order to win the coveted "rat crown". At the end, everyone gathers to watch a freshman be sacrificed to the rat king in order to appease the rats for another year.

5. Taking the "last shot": Once they’re done drinking for the day, every student has to down a drink comprised of raw egg, hot sauce, pickled herring, whole milk, and the contents of the Leo's grease trap. This delicious concoction helps settle your stomach after a day of binge drinking, and definitely prevents hangovers.


Written by Matt Shinnick.

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