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Wow! These 20 Things We Write In Texts and Emails Are Utterly Meaningless

Written by Alex Bowman and Brady Condon

  1. “Sincerely,”

  2. “Lol”

  3. “I hope you’re doing well!”

  4. “So grateful for your time and help!”

  5. “On my way”

  6. “Hey from Gene! Last week for $55 Kilos Code NEWYEAR Prices will not be this low again for the rest of the year, Ends Feb 1st Reply STOP to opt-out.”

  7. “Excited to see you tomorrow!”

  8. “Yeah I’ll wake up early tomorrow to finish it, don’t worry about it.” (You won’t, they should.)

  9. “I’m finally going to stick to working out this year.”

  10. “Hey u up? I miss you.” (No, it’s just 2 AM on a Saturday and you’ve had four High Noons.)

  11. “Hey, I know you’re busy, so no rush on this!”

  12. “Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.” (I will not respond for weeks. If you do reach out, I hope you feel profoundly guilty about it.)

  13. “Biden’s doing a good job.”

  14. Your email signature. (They asked you to send over your availability for Tuesday, not your life story. What are you trying to prove?)

  15. 42

  16. Game of Thrones Season 8

  17. A bachelor’s degree in this economy

  18. English majors

  19. Brady Condon

  20. “I love you.”

Utterly meaningless!

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