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The Hilltop Show's biographical documentary series “Trails to the Chief" is made up of five episodes ranging from 15 to 25 minutes that explore  the early lives of U.S. presidents–namely Lyndon B. Johnson, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt–to better understand their personal development from civically-engaged teenagers to American history’s most powerful leaders. 

Click on a thumbnail to watch the episode on our YouTube channel. 

Episode 1

Lyndon B. Johnson's Path to the Presidency

Twenty-eight year-old Lyndon Baines Johnson has spent his life preparing, dreaming, and scheming to ascend the rungs of power in American politics. When a local congressional seat opens up, Johnson will apply all of his effort and will to seize the moment.

LBJ_Thumbnail_Trails To the Chief.jpeg

Episode 2

Joe Biden's Fight to Stay Alive

Elected as one of the youngest Senators in American history, Joe Biden is on track for a successful career in politics when his wife and daughter die in a tragic car accident. Faced with the loss of one half his family and the need to care for the other half, Biden turns his tragedy into triumph.

Joe Biden_Thumbnail_Trails to the Chief.jpeg

Episode 3

Barack Obama's Audacity
of Hope

At the 2004 Democratic National Convention, U.S. Senate candidate Barack Obama introduces himself and his vision to the nation. In a speech which summarizes his lifetime of both setbacks and successes, many begin to see him as a future presidential contender.

Barack Obama_Thumbnail_Trails to the Chief.jpeg

Episode 4

Lincoln's Longest Battle

Long before he would lead his country through a civil war, Abraham Lincoln had to endure a more personal battle: depression. During major depressive episodes at 26 and 32, Lincoln learned how to find an inner strength which would stay with him for the rest of his life.

Abraham Lincoln_Thumbnail_Trails to the Chief.jpeg

Episode 5

Theodore Roosevelt's Tenacity For Life

At a young age, Theodore Roosevelt was told that he might die young... and that motivated him to live life to the fullest. Whether he was riding horses in the West or cleaning up government in the east, Roosevelt learned to infuse his energy and passion into every opportunity which presented itself.

Theodore Roosevelt_Thumbnail_Trails To The Chief.jpeg


Hosted by Jasper "Jaz" Martus 

Executive Producers: Alexandra Bowman, Emily Fisher, Emma Holling


Writing Team: Jasper "Jaz" Martus, Alexandra Bowman, Emily Fisher 

Edited and Distributed by Alexandra Bowman 

Contributions by Nicole Moorefield and Tiara Starks

(Specific staffing on each episode varies slightly)

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